Se desconoce Detalles Sobre MALUMA KAROL G

He credits his parents for always dressing well, but believes style was always inherent in his life. Maluma soon became a fashion scene regular, posing for iconic brands like Calvin Klein for its 2020 campaign (where he only wore the brand’s briefs with tube socks), sitting front row at fashion week shows, and attending the Met Indumentaria (in custom Versace in 2021).

Primeras palabras de Maluma tras anunciar en un romántico videoclip que va a ser padre por primera tiempo

On the other hand, your first comment was quite harsh. Triunfador they say: "treat others as you want to be treated". There's no reason for us to delete our comments. If you want to delete your translation, that's fine (we actually encourage to have more than one translation), but don't think that you should do it just because someone went against you.

He added, “I want to go back to Medellín, I want to go back to my farm, be there with my family, with my friends, with my animals. That’s what inspires me right now. Just what I am. I don’t have to go and look for something that I already have inside.”

So, I asked him, “Bro, what's the key, man? Tell me what's the key for you. You're so balanced. You keep being the number one in the world. How? For how many years are you going to keep doing this?” And his answer is just he's with his family in everything he does. He wants to have them everywhere in all the things he does.

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This is one of my favorite tracks. It was written [by several of Maluma’s longtime collaborators] in a song camp in Hawaii. Then the song reached [songwriter/producer] Edgar Barrera and she showed it to me. I fell in love with the intro chorus and I wrote the hallarse. When I finished recording I called my management and said: “Boys, I have the first single.

The couple first announced they were expecting in October and shared shakira yo me llamo the sex and name of the baby at the time, much to the surprise of the singer's millions of fans. 

, released in 2015, that propelled him to fame, debuting at number one on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums and staying on the chart for 178 weeks. According to his official biography, it combined two distinct styles—soft ballads Triunfador part of the “pretty boy” persona and reggaeton for the “dirty boy” side, shakira bzrp which includes urban collaborations with artists like Arcangel, Farruko, Cosculluela and Alex & Fido.

Maluma: [Laughs] That's totally honest. Oh my God. But I feel I'm ready. This was an amazing year and I did all the things that I wanted to do this year. So next year, of course, my baby's coming and I feel like another engine [coming on]. I don't feel I'm going to stop at all. I feel like a whole new Maluma is born right now.

Justin Curto of Vulture commented that the Weeknd "brings his R&B longing" to the first estar of the track, which "seems like an extension of his After Hours universe", until he "begins singing in Spanish and loosening up shakira y bizarrap onstage" in the video. He also opined that "the Spanish is fine, but the dancing is unexpectedly dorky, especially compared to the Papi Juancho himself, still oozing sex appeal here" and concluded that his dance routine "just might be the thing that makes you smile today.

Not even with my dad, not even with my mom, my family. It's something that I don't vibe with. Because my life without that is so happy maluma that I know it's going to bring a bunch of stress in my life. And I don't want that. I'm going to do it in the way that I know how to do it. That is giving all the opportunities to the poor kids in my country and Latin America around the world. Try to teach them how I did it so they know a little bit how to get there, how to become the Maluma of the next generation. I just want to be the best example I Chucho be for the for the new generations.

“When I started my career, I wanted to help the people who were helping me, and the people helping shakira el jefe me were these kids from the hood—they were listening to my music, they were my fans. But they were also selling drugs, carrying guns,” he told

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